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Expert Training

Every fly-in has its own qualities and every meeting is unique, but common themes do exist, and our experts will help your organization identify those themes and use them to make your fly-in as effective as possible.  Key training points include:

  • What to expect when meeting with members of Congress and their staff.  For the uninitiated, advocating before Congress can be intimidating.  Our professionals will help the experienced and inexperienced alike become better advocates.
  • How to craft your story.  First person accounts of who you are and how you're affected by the rules coming from Washington are the most effective advocacy tools ever created.  Our team will help your members develop and hone their stories to be as effective as possible.
  • How to avoid pitfalls.  There is a long list of "don'ts" that apply to every advocacy meeting.  Our professionals know the list by heart and have years of experience relaying those lessons to trade groups and their members.
  • How to stay on message.  The goal of any fly-in is to convey a message and make an "ask", so staying on message and remembering to make the "ask" are critical to its success.  Our experts will help ensure your members stay on message, make the "ask", and get results.
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