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At Convenntus, we provide a comprehensive, cost-effective suite of services for your fly-in. From due diligence on your targets and messaging to follow-up after the fact, we can:

✔ Provide total logistical support for fly-ins, including lodging, meeting spaces, transportation, and unparalleled entertainment;
✔ Arrange visits with the members of Congress and advisors you most need to reach;
✔ Create personalized schedules for every member of your group, background information on the offices they’ll visit, and tailored talking points for each meeting;
✔ Train your participants on how to communicate their story comfortably and confidently to representatives, senators, and key agency officials;
✔ Escort VIP members to their meetings;
✔ Produce and put together leave-behind packets for each meeting;
✔ Facilitate follow-up contacts from constituents to reiterate key messages and press for your targeted deliverables;
✔ Secure participants’ feedback and produce reports on the key results;
✔ Arrange VIP meetings for smaller groups with significant federal policymakers.
From our offices just steps from the White House, we’ll make sure every critical detail of your fly-in works the way you need it to, empowering you to tackle your most pressing goals inside the Beltway.
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